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Our Brand

Who we are

In 2018, a group of experts from the vaping, tobacco, and electronics industries established Alfabet Labs. The goal was to drive innovation in alternative smoking systems.

In the same year, Flonq was introduced, presenting vaping products that perfectly combine stylish design, a rich and distinctive flavour palette, and advanced technologies.
Successful product launches have resulted in a fast-growing global presence. Today, Flonq is available on 3 continents in over 20 countries.

Our Mission

We provide an alternative way of nicotine consumption to adult tobacco smokers through research, high-tech, and human-centered design.

Ethical alternative for adult smokers

We commit to strict adherence to regulations and promote ethical and responsible vaping.

Research & technologies

Our technological solutions have earned us over 20 patents. With the support of our R&D team, we consistently deliver innovative, high-quality products.

Human-centered approach

We develop our products for consumers based on their needs and preferences, working toward staying ahead of the market and shaping its future.

One brand covering all needs

Our disposable e-cigarettes were designed to lead the vaping industry by anticipating the needs of both retailers and consumers.

Our Philosophy

and product inspiration

When creating our devices, we drew inspiration from traditional tobacco products like cigarettes, cigars, and smoking pipes. Each product has a unique story.

An alternative to a classic cigarette

The device showcases a stylish design inspired by natural shapes, featuring a soft touch, ergonomic elements, and authentic colours.

An alternative to a cigar

Introducing a unique design inspired by the razor-sharp skyscrapers of New York. The sleek shape and skyward force provide a distinctive aesthetic experience.

An alternative
to a smoking pipe

A design that blends vintage and modern elements. Inspired by the principles
of aerodynamic engineering, it features a streamlined shape, a lightweight monolithic body, and a vibrant colour accent.

Quality and compliance

Flonq consumers can have confidence in the quality and reliability of each vaping product we release to the market.

Our e-liquids and e-cigarettes undergo strict testing to ensure compliance with European regulations, including TPD certification, for the
manufacturing and sale of vaping products.

European Conformity

Eurasian Conformity

Emirates Authority for Standardisation and Metrology

Restriction of Hazardous Substances Compliance

Tobacco Products Directive


Looks matter

As part of our commitment, we create visually appealing, eye-catching, vaping devices — ones you'll proudly showcase during negotiations, a night out, or a romantic dinner.

Our devices perfectly blend performance and aesthetics, complemented by colour accents that enhance each taste profile.

The numerous industry awards received serve as a testament to the hard work that has been rewarded.

Global market recognition

Our products earn praise at major international vape fairs, each time captivating the attention of attendees with innovative vaping devices and meticulously designed booths.


Eco-friendly vaping

At Flonq, we are committed to promoting responsible consumption and reducing harm to the environment.

Our journey toward developing solutions to support sustainability began with the creation of the Flonq Plus E.

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Plastic recycling

Mixed Waste

Battery Recycling

Child Lock

The philosophy behind this game-changing device was to create a greener vaping experience. The implemented easy disassembly system allows users to separate the vape into components — plastic parts and the battery — for individual recycling.

E-cigarette recycling program: pioneering the project to reduce environmental impact

Eco bins

Flonq is leading the installation of recycling bins designed for used vaping devices

Vape disposal

We deliver all e-cigarette components — batteries, plastic parts, mixed waste, to processing sites for the recycling

Green success

We are proud of our 2023 achievement, resulting in 15 tons of waste recycled only in Eastern Europe

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